Not Everyone Does It

Contrary to what you’ve heard in the school, halls, on the field, hostels, and lecture rooms about sex, not everyone is doing “it”! In fact, the number of teens having sex has gone down. A national survey questioning high school student (grade 9 through 12) found that fewer teens were having sex-46 percent in 2001 compared to 54 percent in 1991 (centers for disease control and prevention, Youth Risk behaviors Surveillance Survey 2001).

I had counseled some ladies between the age of 17 to probably 29 years and some of them didn’t have any sex experience at all. Everyone wants to fit in, and it may seen lonely if you fell everyone else is doing it. Just know that not everyone is having sex. It is good to wait to have sex with your husband/wife until you both feel ready for that steps postpone the decision till your wedding day. Don’t feel pressured by those around you.